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the revenue to pay down obama's debt. >> help me out, in effect, is the plan to put a cap on deductions, does his plan break the americans for tax reform no-tax pledge? >> to be clear. john boehner has not said that. he says he is for revenues from growth. i'm for that. that is a tax increase that is what obama wants and it does affect the margin because they are going to attack certain income groups. >> i hear you. thank you very much. here is another economic disaster coming. thanksgiving starts the economic season. and this year, unions seem to want to ruin everything. but first -- >> the problem is the squeeze. you see as government employers try to keep up payments they have to slash other service that is we need. >> that is illinois governor pat kwint. he is trying to explain the state's massive sortfall. illinois taxpayers are giving him a huge thumbs down. that is ngovernor quinn of illinois. companies are moving out of his state. he is going to go down or his whole state is going to go down. anyway, back to washingtoning. the senate is going to vote on a bill that could let the feds
down, not up. so, obama got himself re-elected less strongly than four years ago and the republican house got itself re-elected? >>eric: what happens if republicans do cave and do sign on to higher taxes, what will you do? >>guest: well, the question is what the american people do if they see the republicans and democrats agreeing to raise taxes to pay if oh bum's bigger government then the republicans would be co-owners of what will be, unfortunately, a very unpleasant four years as all of obamacare falls on top of the heads of the american people, all of the regulations they have been delaying until after the election me begin to kick in, this is a lot of unpleasantness all delayed deliberately until after the election that will not be pleasant between now and the next four years and i don't think anyone wants it sign up to pay for all of the higherding a. >>eric: the if youly -- newly elected congress people and senate, are they signing on to your pledge at the frequency to which the prior elected folks have, the 2010 class? >>guest: well, 2010 was the high water mark but we are
's one thing he said. he said there are three ways to take down obama care, through the courts, through the election -- by the way, both of those haven't worked out -- three through what he called congressional oversight. to me, what he's saying there is congressional sabotage. >> right. >> maybe i'm -- maybe i didn't listen closely enough to, you know, civics back in elementary school, but the job of the congress is to implement the supreme court-backed law of the land. >> that's right. >> to me what he's saying is really quite scary when you get down to it. >> i want to ask -- there's a question on that because essentially they've been defeated three times in each of those venues. what is it they're thinking -- now they're trying to drag it into the negotiations over the fiscal cliff, which does not sound like compromise to me. what am i missing? >> what they're thinking here is you can use smoke and mirrors to block the thing. you can send misses to health and human services to gin up all kinds of things to keep republicans happy. they're talking about blocking implementation of some
more than anything else to say, let me tell you why i am supporting barack obama. i live down the street. let me talk about an issue you care about. that became incredibly important. >> your volunteers spent less time doing what than 2008? >> knocking on doors of people who end -- or never persuade a bowl. the best example was a friend of mine was door knocking before the election. he called and said that me tell you a story about why you are running a smart campaign. i was told to knock on two doors. one was to chase an absentee ballot. the second one was announced the -- and decided voters. i had a great conversation. i am pretty sure that person is going to vote for us on election day. that is honoring volunteers and saying to the contact, you will matter to us. i think it allowed us to hit more doors and more effective or is that the romney campaign. >> how did the data play in your wind? >> in the past two weeks, it has been a little bit overplayed. it goes back to the president and his message. we built an army but when you're building that army, you have this thing call
obama, the question of the israelis and palestinians have been kicked down the road. and the interesting thing about president obama, he has an obsession with the middle east that jimmy carter had, bill clinton had, but the interesting thing about president obama, and he calls the shots, its his did diplomacy, and we're coming in late with 12 years of advocation. >> hillary clinton is in the region. is it too little, too late? egypt has certainly been in the forefront of these kinds of talks? >> yeah, that's what she's doing doing. meeting tonight, two hours with benjamin netanyahu, and senior officials, foreign minister, et cetera. and then she goes tomorrow, wednesday, to ramallah, where she meets with mahmoud abbas and cairo. and that's really the key, one of the keys, because the -- mohamed morsi has influence with hamas and hopefully can do something. i think that he's right. they haven't been able to really change much of anything, and now the president who didn't want to get involved for a while or found that it was kind of useless not going anyplace is involved by sending dramati
're willing to sit down, work out all of the problems, settle on borders, jerusalem even. a complex issue, by negotiating face to face. no alternative. not only israel that says this, president obama says it, european says it. no alternative to direct talks. >> ambassador oren, thank you for your time, i appreciate it. >> thank you, anderson. >> joined by anne marie slaughter from princeton university. and cnn contributor and jill dougherty, our foreign affairs correspondent. anne marie, is it as simple as that, that israel says they are willing to talk and settlements aren't an issue? >> no, and it's above all not as simple as saying that hamas is a terrorist organization, and they have to stop. israel of all nations should understand the symbolism of david versus goliath. the more they act and the more casualties, the more destruction in gaza, they have done this repeatedly and they themselves understand that this is only a temporary solution. there has to be a negotiation. the most positive thing we've heard tonight, anderson, is that everything could be back in play. it's been frozen
joined in. 97 members of the house sent the president a letter monday opposing rice. now president obama is not backing down. the white house has confirmed it's still considering promoting rice and last week the president said if mccain and graham want to go after someone, they should go after him. rice was not exactly a household name during obama's first term. but all this heat from the political players is drawing some media fire. "the new york times" maureen dowd has knocked rice as an unsavvy washington player. while the "times" editorial page came out with an endorsing of the ambassador announcing it's time to leave rice alone. jonathan capehart one of the interesting things about this debate there's a lot of talk about what susan rice has done, specifically about libya, and then there's sort of this vague idea that republicans can stop the president no matter what. take a look at something, we talked about 97 republicans in the house oppose rice. ten of them won't even make it to january when we probably have a vote in the second term. but when you look at the people who have a vo
been carrying oil for the last two years. now that election rhetoric has died down, what choices will obama actually make about energy and climate change? he admits we have a problem. that, as they say it is the first step. is there a second step in his news conference last week, the president held back on specific solutions mentioning only an education process and "a national conversation." what is the president willing to risk to address global warming and what can he do without congress's help? let's bring in congressman raul grijalva a member of the subcommittee on water and power. congressman, welcome and happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. thank you. >> always a pleasure to have you. where will we go on climate change. we all understood perhaps in the first term, the president was overrun with economic issues and healthcare. climate change is one where many people are saying mr. president it is time to stand up and lead. do you think he will do so? >> yes. i think we allowed it to
points. obama went from seven down to three, got 8 million fewer votes total, a little tough to see a strong mandate there compared to say reagan's second term or even a bush or clinton second term. but you also have the challenge that all presidents are lame ducks as soon as they get elected but if you look at it president at the beginning of his term, he might be there for eight years, and if you need something from the white house or you for the white house, he the ages of having to deal with that president. you now have four years in taking on a reelected president. not just obama but any. and republican house when republicans have read majority and we ran against tax increases and we ran on maintaining wish lower tax rates for everybody, so we have a mandate, to. the republican mandate in the house is interesting because the democrats when they got their majorities in the house, '06 and await, they got to me and, to landslides. by the republicans only got one plain sight. the republicans got their landslide in 2010, the year when everybody was doing redistricting for the next d
low. tough day for hewlett packard. >> well just in. president obama has just landed at andrews air force base. president plane touched down at the military base in maryland outside washington, d.c. there you see it in the dark pulling in. he will then take a helicopter to the white house marin one. president obama is returning from 3 day swing through south east asia. at last stop in cambodian the president says the u.s. china relationship is cooperative and constructive and it's important that the 2 nations set clear rules of the road for trade and investment. mr. obama conveyed the message to china outgoing premier. again the president just landed at andrews base. live picture of air force one pulling in. in mere moments the president will come down the stairs and fly back to the white house by helicopter and after being over seas for three days. >> well it's about to be ill will el to bear your body on the streets of san francisco. nudist lost their battle at city hall today when the board of supervisors passed a measure banning public nudity. although there is still one
. we don't like it but we don't say it blocks negotiations. we're willing to sit down, work out these problems, settlements, borders, jerusalem, even, very complex issue, by negotiating face-to-face. we know there's no alternative. it's not only israel that says this, anderson. it's president obama says it. the european union says it. the quartet says it. there's no alternative to direct talks. >> ambassador oren, appreciate your time. thank you very much for being on the program. >> thank you. >>> joined now again by fuad, ann marie slaughter from princeton university, cnn contributor and jill dougherty. ann marie slaughter, you heard about what the ambassador is saying. is it as simple as that? is it as simple as israel says they're willing to talk and settlements aren't an issue? >> no, and above all, it's just not as simple as saying hamas is a terrorist organization and they have to stop. hamas is being strengthened by this. israel of all nations should understand the symbolism of david versus goliath. this is the more they act and the more casualties there are, the more de
bernanke is pushing for a compromise on the fiscal cliff. in a speech tuesday he said if president obama and congress can resolve the crisis unemployment would go down and the economy would grow. falling oil prices and an announcement that hewlett packard is taking a $9 billion write down. the dow lost just over seven points while the nasdaq was mostly unchanged. shares of home builders rallied on news that home construction jumped in october to a four year high. construction of apartment buildings was especially strong up 10%. and it looks like hostess's twinkie is cooked. the snack maker failed to reach mediation session. on monday a bankruptcy judge asked the two sides to meet. no agreement in place the judge will decide today if the maker of ho-ho, ding dongs and wonder bread can shut down their operations. hopefully other companies will swoop in and make those treats. >> it ain't over. you can't hold the twinkie down. >> i'm not sharing. >> ashley morrison here in new york. in sports this morning the lakers get a new coach and get a win. mike d'antoni made his debut as the lakers ne
itself with all the rockets raining down from gaza. >>trace: but president obama has a commodity applicanted relationship with the new egyptian president? >>reporter: he does. during the campaign president obama was asked about the relationship with israel which was we close under president mubarak who is gone but who was someone who kept stability in the region for so many years among democratic and republican administrations here, and president obama said, he wasn't sure if egypt was still an ally. he was on the phone again today with president obama morsi who has turned out to be someone brokering the cease-fire and a meeting with secretary clinton and others and there is still pressure on president morsi, three republican senators, today, put out a statement, saying it is time for egypt to stop allowing the spread of weapons of hamas through egypt, from senatorred john mccain and graham and others, asking him to urge the stop of the spread of weapons to sinai which is a threat to egypt's national security and sovereignty. a couple days ago senator graham, one of the three sen
and we all want this peace in the end piece connell come about by israelis and palestinians sitting down and talking through the final issues. they have to discuss jerusalem, refugees, in this end as president obama is fond of saying and i would agree, we cannot want this more than they wanted. we have to provide the framework, which for process but in the end we need courageous leadership from israelis and palestinians to talk to the final issues. >> that is complete the right but we have every means at our disposal to pressure those into those negotiations because the reality is there can be a two face solution dwindling month by month. now there will be an opportunity for the two state solution at the general assembly later this month, recognizing the palestinian authority. we on this side have supported this because it will strengthen moderate voices among the palestinians who want to see the politics and not the violence. the prime minister should consider adopting this position in the days ahead. >> let me agree on the first part of what he said which is confidence is dwindling tha
couldn't great more with your assessment. i know whoever president obama names as a special envoy will want to sit down with you and consult in depth on some of the recommendations you have on how to moch this process off the grund. as you know and i think all our viewers know, states for not only the israelis and palestinians, but the entire region, dare i say the entire world, are enormous right now. senator mitchell, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me, wolf. >>> we're standing by, watching several breaking news developments. that terrorist attack in tel aviv today, terrorists going after a bus that was bombed right in the heart of the israeli commercial center. >>> we're also watching what's happens in gaza, right now israeli air strikes continuing even as hillary clinton is meeting with the egyptian president morsi to try to come up with some sort of deal. >>> as all of these situations action all they talks continue, the human toll has mounted. officials say at least 142 palestinians and at least 45 israelis have been killed since the violence began eight days ago.
patsible in christian faith. i think it's something we get too bogged down in. >> but obama never said he's open to the possibility the earth was created in 7 days. >> the difference is important. marco rubio can say there are mysteries i don't understand, about it doesn't mean i can say here is one scientific theory that is very, very sure. another one that is very unsure. therefore they are of the exact same weights. you can say there is a mystery, i respect science is science and faith is faith and they are not contradictory. megyn: i'm not sure what i'm supposed to say on this issue as a catholic. we are taking your thoughts on it. follow me on twitter @megynkelly. a timely lesson for every motors rift. a dwi lands this man in prison for life. >> subsequent blood tests showed his floods alcohol was .446. he was 5 1/2 type the legal limit in texas. megyn: fox news alert. we are getting pictures from gaza we are told of a celebration of the cease-fire. but while they are celebrating our own leland vittert reports seeing multiple rocket launches since the start of the cease-fire. all tho
supporting barack obama. i live down the street. let me talk about an issue you care about. that became incredibly important. >> your volunteers spent less time doing what than 2008? >> knocking on doors of people who end -- are never persuadable. the best example was a friend of mine was door knocking before the election. he called and said that me tell you a story about why you are running a smart campaign. i was told to knock on two doors. one was to chase an absentee ballot. the second one was announced the undecided voters. i had a great conversation. i am pretty sure that person is going to vote for us on election day. that is honoring volunteers and saying to the contact, you will matter to us. i think it allowed us to hit more doors and more effective or is that the romney campaign. >> how did the data play in your wind? >> in the past two weeks, it has been a little bit overplayed. it goes back to the president and his message. we built an army but when you're building that army, you have this thing called beta. data allows you to do one thing -- use your time and money more wi
with a plan to go out of business after last-minute talks with striking workers broke down yesterday. the company and bakers union had entered mediation in an effort to try to save over 18,000 jobs. >>> president obama is calling on congress to follow the example set by former u.s. senator warren rudman of new hampshire who called for bipartisanship during his time in washington. he passed away on monday from complications from lymphoma. he warned against large federal deficits and was a fierce critic of the reagan administration in the 1980s iran-contra affair. >> the american people have the constitutional right to be wr g wrong. and what ronald reagan thinks or what oliver north thinks or what i think or what anyone else thinks makes not a whip if the american people say enough. there comes a point that the views of the american people have to be heard. >> the new hampshire senator didn't seek re-election in 1992. later saying "i can see the republican party gradually being taken over by movement conservatives and self-commissioned christian soldiers whose social agenda i found r
the election. >>> plus, it's a smackdown. chris christie shows he's willing to work with president obama so he's the gop's public enemy number one. can christie take down rush limbaugh? >>> and i have a very, very special thanksgiving surprise at the end of the show. trust me, you will not want to miss this. you're watching "politicsnation" on msnbc. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multi-vitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. >>> have you joined the "politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? everyone is talking about today's turkey pardon at the white house. and it was nice to see the kids. a fun tradition. harry raises a good point. you mean the gop didn't filibuster this? and maryanne jokes, when the turkey said he pardoned a hurdle key, i thought they meant. "like" us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the show ends. i thou. "like" us to join the conversation that keeps going long after the s
industrials as said are expected to be dead flat and they are, we're down .22. politics, here are the two sides of the current tax question. president obama and the democrats want to raise tax rates of incomes over 250 k. republicans oppose that. so the question, can the two sides come together and compromise? our next guest says, no, they won't. because republican will not budge on taxes and he says, i'm quoting now, the fantasy is that the republicans came on marginal tax rates, they're nonnegotiatable. joining us now grover norquist for americans for tax reform. grover, let me start with my position because i think you and i agree with principle. flat-out, raising tax rates, real bad, bad idea. here is where i disagree with you, i disagree because of political reality. i think the president holds the cards and can force the republicans to cave. tell me i'm wrong. >> well, that's the president's narrative. he thinks it's just like 2008, when he won the presidency, and now he's got all of this power. remember how quickly he threw away his 70% approval rating from the 2008 election, when
continuing to take down for congress and president obama to make a deal to avoid going over the fiscal cliff. 40 days. our next guest says everyone should be preparing. no matter what changes are coming in 2013, well manager and president and founder joins me now. let's talk about this. i am sure many of your clients are coming in to you right now and saying we have got to do something, what we going to do? what do you tell them? >> absolutely. everybody wants to know what do we do and what is going to happen? if they don't come to an agreement we will all feel this. right there. [talking over each other] >> it is just a kleenex. the reality is when my clients come and i want to share with them a couple things we can control in our lives the coming weekend. taxes and that we are not going to control so let's look at the positives and control what we can control. if we have positives in the portfolio and gains i tell my clients to harvest those gains. if you doing many rebalance, some of my clients want to go on trips to italy, i am going to harvest that $10,000 and put it aside and a 15% on
quite those terms in the early 20th century. >> let's go back to president obama on sunday. >> there's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. we're fully supportive of israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes and workplaces and potentially killing civilians. >> yousef munayyer and then james colbert respond to this. >> i think the problem again is the lack of context. what nation would accept being depopulated from their homes, being colonized, being besieged, being trapped, been bombarded? what nation would accept that and accept have no right to self-defense? there is no security for anybody when the idea of security is a zero sum game rid unfortunately, that is the thinking we have seen at of israel. as long as the palestinians are more insecure, the israelis will be more secure. but that is simply not the case. >> james colbert, what do you see as a solution? >> this solution to which specific issue are you referring? it is very important to note. >> what is happening right now, the bo
a likud to help mr. obama. isn't the new american economy limiting growth? million unemployed is that really our future? my guest six down with next. lou: six weeks we tours we hit the fiscal cliff the debt problems are of a if exacerbating problems of zero growth. joining us now executive chairman of bright part news , as steve bannon. how list by doing? >> excellent. we launched a new site right before andrew passed away with technology and new content almost 80,000 page views per month. we put content up everyday and these guys are on fire. lou: ben bernanke talking about a new normal that we would have a stubborn loss of skills, high unemployment , the zero growth, what is your reaction? >> they say this is the bernanke's side. look at chris or dirty but other money managers talk about historical growth rates of 4% that are baked into the obama budget are of the past. talk about the demographic wall, the low birthrate we will be less than 1% growth look at the economic crisis on top of a fiscal crisis. lou: the idea this country can sustain zero growth, high unemp
that comes from israel that says prime minister netanyahu a short while ago spoke with president barack obama and agreed to his recommendation to give the egypti egyptians a chance to stabilize the situation and calm it down. the israeli prime minister says, yes, in doing it, we are giving it a chance and that he accepted this by president obama's recommendation. so, yes, they're agreeing to it but doesn't sound like a great degree of confidence coming from the israelis. >> this doesn't sound like it takes invasion off the table? >> it does take invasion off the table for now. they said we are going to agree to this, that all parties, according to this deal brokered by egypt, are accepting it. but it sounds like the israelis are still in a wait-and-see mode and are saying, yes, we have accepted this cease-fire but it was the president of the united states who asked us to do it, therefore we will give it a chance. >> so he's wrapping it around the president's neck -- >> exactly. >> okay. thank you, richard, i know you're very busy in gaza. nbc news correspondent richard engel joining us on the
is supposed to be down, getting around is no breeze. 150 flights already canceled out of o'hare. david: plus president obama issuing a pardon at the white house today. find out all about it next. lauren: looks like holiday travelers will be hitting some blocks this year instead of flying high. david: jeff is here with a look at the travel trends. we have already seen delays and cancellations gratis was weather-related? >> you always say it is o'hare, and it is in fact a pair. we cancellations and delays remain. we have had them in the hundreds today in o'hare. but i will tell you that it has not been chaotic. i am in the concourse of american airlines. air travel is down. the thanksgiving holiday, down about 2%. the airlines have eliminated flights that were not performing well for them. there were empty seats on flights that has meant an improvement in the bottom line. airline stocks, maybe we should've optima year ago. companies like jetblue, delta, united, southwest, all up on the year between 20 and 40%. they have done a better job of managing their business. they pursue the market share
. a second term for president obama means tax increases are much more likely. gerri: thank you for breaking it down for us. happy thanksgiving. >> you as well. gerri: the fiscal cliff to be 41 days away, but thanksgiving is today's from now. they have not bought your rkey, you may want to get on that. if you remember how much was spent last year, it is about the same. the average cost of thankiving dinner will be just under $50. up $0.28 from last year. the reason for that increase, e price of a turkey more than 3% higher than last year. due to the drought in the midwest this summer increasing the price of turkey feed and will probably go even higher next year. if you a serving dinner rolls this year, they're up more than 1%hanks to a rise in wheat prices and a supply shortage a result. mainly because the drought did not really impact idaho. you cannot have thanksgiving nner without stuffing. the prepackaged cubes, almost 4% less this year. if you want with cream, that will save you the most thanks to falling dairy prices. may not be good for your waistline but at least it won't hurt your b
of climate change is gaining new attention. will it spur action? recently, we sat down with him and los angeles to hear why he is taking up this cause. >> of hollywood legend is one of the most vocal conservationists. he told me that an obama second term offers hope for the planet but his native southern california is not what used to be. >> i grew up in los angeles at a time and was a very beautiful city. it was just at the end of the second world war and there was spaces in between the communities. there was spaces and the spaces or green. the air was fresh and clean. all of which we took for granted. pavement and concrete and skyscrapers were being developed and the space in between began to get closed off by concrete and pavement and what came with it, bad air, more cars. >> you did not see that as progress? >> i did not. i saw it as loss. >> what impact do you think that sandy has had on the climate change conversation? >> in some cases, it started the conversation. in other cases, increased the conversation. it has put the deniers on the offensive. you see it bloomberg, gov. chris
asia, president obama called egyptian president mohamed morsi for the third time in 24 hours. morsi is leading the cease-fire efforts. secretary clinton sits down with him wednesday. tuesday jerusalem residents took cover when air ride sirens sounded. a hamas rocket missed the city. in gaza residents are picking through what's left of the islamic national bank. israel destroyed the building with a rocket strike. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >>> new details tonight about four men charged with plotting to kill americans by joining al qaeda. the alleged ringleader briefly served in the air force. the four from southern california were planning to board a plane to afghanistan on sunday. the fbi raided their homes two days before the flight. neighbors watched the takedown as it happened. >> two to four fbis i'm freaking out and they have a sledgehammer a pry bar i'm like they have armor on. >> a preliminary hearing has been set for some of the suspects in two weeks. >>> should you have the right to bare all? the new rules on whether you can walk around naked in public.
'll hear from the white house about the conversation between president obama and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu. settle down. settle. hey. hey. we gotta stay focused. you got one more game to go. you gotta keep that fire in the belly. coach rick's got something for you. [ all cheering ] deshawn! ♪ found out during halftime. [ all cheering ] [ male announcer ] the simple joy of making the grade. ♪ so i brought it to mike at meineke. we gave her car a free road handling check. i like free. free is good. my money. my choice. my meineke. >>> welcome back to our continuing coverage, just the top of this hour, cease-fire agreement went into effect, agreement by israel and hamas through egypt and eight days of deadly fighting. the agreement came after 24 people were seriously hurt today when a bomb exploded on a bus in tel aviv. i want to bring in jill dougherty at the white house. the president has been on the phone with israeli prime minister netanyahu and mohamed morsi. do we know the content of the discussions? what did he say? >> when it comes to netanyahu, of course, he ex
to find out who did it. track them down and do that terrible thing that the obama administration doesn't like to do. use rendition to get these people to guantanamo bay and try a little gentle persuasion to see what might have happened. >> wow. torture. >> stephanie: that guy. that guy. that guy would have been in the romney administration. that guy. okay. michael graham on fox news on immigration. here we go. michael graham. >> if you want a communist united states and work and make our nation better while making yourself better, come on! we've got legal immigration as marco said. if you're coming here because i want to live in america everything is free in america there's no country in the world says hey, send us your deadbeats so we can put them on the deadbeat dole as soon as they arrive. it is a crazy message. it is a slap in the face to the millions and millions of legal immigrants who come here, work and then their tax dollars go to pay bums to live off of our system. >> stephanie: at least he has
in on mike allen. you guys -- you got the first sit down post election interview with obama campaign manager jim mess siena, a guy called a genius after the way the obama campaign won the election. he talked about how republicans were surprised democrats had methodical, kind of corporate style campaign. here's a little bit of that interview. >> the best example that i heard was, friend of mine was in wisconsin the week before the election and he called and let me tell you the story about why i think you're running a smarter campaign. i was told to knock on two doors. one was to chase an absentee ballot and i watched the person fill it out and we mailed it together, the second one an undecided voter i was giving a very specific persuasion script, had a great conversation and i'm sure that person is going to vote for us on election. one block, only two doors. that is using volunteer's times more wisely. honoring them, saying to them, every contact you're going to make is going to matter to us. and i think it allowed us to hit more doors and more effective doors than the romney campaign. >> mik
down to this country rather than ship it to japan or china. i'll bet the obama administration won't do that. heather: we appreciate it. gregg? gregg: israel is giving diplomacy a chance. but can hillary clinton broker a truce. thanksgiving headaches you will want to avoid. [♪] ols and retirement specialists can help you build a personalized plan and execute it with a wide range of low cost investments. get a great plan and low cost investments at e-trade. >> announcer: meet jill. she thought she'd feel better after seeing her doctor. and she might have, if not for kari, the identity thief who stole jill's social security number to open credit cards, destroying jill's credit and her dream of retirement. now meet amanda. with a swipe of her debit card, she bought some gas... and an all-expense-paid trip to hawaii for ben. ben is the intity thief who used a device called a skimmer to steal her formation from her card to open a fraudulent account. every year millions of americans just like you learn that a little personal information in the wrong hands could wre havoc on your life. this
, wouldn't it? said it down, let's look at it, tax increase. >> actually talking about the net tax increase. >> obama once higher marginal tax rates to punish people who work on saturdays. i don't think he's going to get that. there's an interest on getting more revenue for growth so we can pay down some of his debt so we can pay some of the bills he has run up. that is going to be necessary. knott obama's $5 trillion. he did it. we are going to have to pay it rather do that through growth than the higher taxes the but slow the economic growth. >> i would like to talk more about this dual mandate that you referred to and of the three quick propositions to see how they sort of come together. the first is coming and i've written this many times, presidential elections are referendums on the incumbent party and in that vein such as the case as i believe it is, then you have to say that it's a judge to by the electorate was not a tremendous perhaps lackluster but not so as to make him ineligible for rehiring. second, when the country is in a serious political deadlock of the kind that we are in
on the reason. >> president obama has asked me to come to israel with a very clear message. >> what is that message? and will it work? plus we have republicans coming down hard on chris christie. >> i've got devastation on the shore. i've got floods in the northern part of my state. if you think right now that i give about presidential politics, then you don't know me. >> tonight we have how rupert murdoch made governor christie eat those words. plus cenk may be on vacation, but he's always working and he has a piece on money and politics. >> if we don't fundamentally change the way these elections are financed, you're going to keep getting candidates who are in favor of their funders, of course! >> that and an awesome elbow of the day. today is the birth of joseph r. biden. ladies and gentlemen, it's showtime. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> well, the calm in the middle east is non-existent. as a matter of fact, today was supposed to be a day of trying to work things out. hillary clinton, secretary of state, broke off her trip to asia, went to israel today. the bombing as we just learned from
a car door. why would you bring a car door? the guy says i could roll down the window in case i got hot. this is like finding a car door guy, but rather in real life. right after president obama was inaugurated, it will not make your taxes go up on every dollar that you make. your tax rate is exactly the same for all of the money you make up to $250,000. it's only the money you make on top of that. it gets taxed at a slightly higher rate. that's it. everything else stays the same. reducing your income below $250,000 literally does nothing to your overall tax liability. it's like dragging a panel through the desert in case you get hot. it doesn't make any sense. but absentee wrote that up of people behaving that idiotically with no critical commentary whatsoever as if what those people were doing made any sense. as if this was a reasonable reengineering of your income to e get around the reach of uncle sam. it was told bullpucky and abc got called out for it and it was embarrassing for them and they had to update their story to account for the fact that they happened to be reporting on s
that's not right out of rush limbaugh's dream journal. >> here is steve schmidt breaking down the election problems last week in a bite that sent rush limbaugh into a terror. better off running against the real president obama as opposed to the sinister pretend president obama, and the total lack of credibility with some of this stuff i think is just absolutely repellent to the middle of the electorate. and then when you look at the demographics, who is rush limbaugh talking to? he is talking to a demographic that's white, 65-plus, and rural. that's not what the country looks like anymore. so you have these talk radio hosts making millions and millions and millions of dollars a year, driving a message of complete and total ludicrous nonsense into the electorate, a lot of it poisonous. >> here is rush responding to that little gem right there from steve schmidt. >> you got to get a view of the republican party that is not right out of my dream journal. what, folks, did i or any of you have to do with the republican primary? did not murphy get the candidate he wanted? all these
to obama's next four years in office? it's no secret is foray into a venture capital did not go so well. many hemorrhaging cash by the day. others have gone bankrupt altogether. i recently sat down with robert bryce senior fellow at the manhattan institute. he tells us what another four years means for america's energy policy. we assumed it was safe to betshw that the president would bebethe doubling down on his re administration. his new >> i hope he takes a differente tack. we see solyndra, begin, begin pr power to raise fuel. gerri: we just show a whole list . >> and it is extraordinarily costly for the taxpayer. a better path if he is really interested in green technologyis or clean technology is setsted e reform the research and development efforts at the federal level so that if there is some breakthrough to be att3 the federal government can findh eakthr clearly this venture-capital model has failed. gerri: some breakthrough to be found : company have found it already? and me, that seems to be the>> u lows to of theld most the president gave us a little sneak peek in h
this process and this piece, in the end, only peace can come about by israelis and palestinians sitting down through the issues. they have to discuss borders, refugees. president obama has said, and i wouldthe international agree, ws more than they want it. we have to encourage them, provide the framework, push for a process, but in the end, when the courageous leadership. >> mr. speaker, that is completely right, but we need to use every means at our disposal to pressure both sides into those negotiations. the reality is, the confidence that there can be a two state solution is dwindling month by month. there is an opportunity for an accord of a two-state solution at the general assembly next month. we on this side are supporters of this because we believe it will strengthen the moderate voices among the palestinians who want to pursue the path of politics and not that of violence. could i urge the prime minister to consider adopting this position in the days ahead? >> first of all, let me agree with him on the first part of what he said, which is that confidence is dwindling, and there is
on the d.c. circuit. i think the place to look for now is lower down, which is to say there are over 100 vacancies. keep in mind the federal judiciaries has about 870 members, so for that to be that many vacancies is striking and obama seems to care less about that than his predecessors. >> so to use a sports analogy, there needs to be a deep bench to fill the bench at the supreme court. kenji, great to have you here. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. >>> coming up, shoppers may be dealing with some extra crowds on black friday. we're talking about the protesters. we'll explain why. >>> plus, presidential pride. how the community helped the president win re-election. [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take viagra if you take nitrates for chest pain; it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. side effects
significant. she's not calling for a cease-fire, not calling for people to put their weapons down, she's saying de-escalation. here's what she said after her first meeting with benjamin netanyahu. >> president obama asked me to come to israel with a very clear message. america's commitment to israel's security is rock solid, and unwavering. that is why we believe it is essential to de-escalate the situation in gaza. >> so in your estimation what is specifically de-escalation? >> well, de-escalation is creating time and space, again, to get the civilian populations on both sides to feel, again, some sort of confidence that there could be a secure environment, in the short term, while these political talks go on. >> no rockets, they have to stop firing rockets, no bombs on buses? >> absolutely. and of course, originally, before this bomb on the bus, which, again, has been, you know, tactic that's been used in the past but hasn't really been seen for awhile we were really talking about these rocket attacks and the escalation of a more sophisticated rockets, which israel views as a real th
infinite, obviously. but i just don't -- i think it's the wrong approach. we've been kicking this can down the road for two years. >> you know what we should do and what you'd like, but what are we likely to be able to get done between the house republicans and president obama? >> well -- >> what's likely to be done to avert -- and will we avert the fiscal cliff? >> you will create $400 billion worth of revenue and avoid $100 billion of expenses, you know. you'll figure that out. >> you get to revenue how? >> you would get the revenue by implementing the higher tax rates for higher income people. and you would say that you're going to address tax reform in march or april or june and -- >> what do you think the house would agree to? 500,000? up two points? that's the latest thing they're talking about. >> something of that order. >> 500,000. >> i think it's the wrong approach. >> i do too. but we've got to do something. >> and if you say the framework is we're going to address on the broader issue of the tax code, if we do that later, what makes that happen? you said we've been kicking the
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